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I know I haven’t posted in a while about my findings, but I will update soon. Today was just a pretty fantastic day of geocaching, and I just had to write about it. 

Today we reserved for a Puzzle Cache that was not too far from the house, but there had been a ton of wrecks that caused major highways to close. There was traffic everywhere, so we put it off until the end of the day. It was at a Library (What Would DeweyDo?), and you had to ask the librarian for help. 

We ended up going too late, and decided we would not make it there with the traffic. We ended up stopping at a cache at Artisan Alley. We were in the wrong spot, and I noticed a PVC pipe by a utility pole that could have been it (which it was). You had to use water to get it up, but a lot of people said it was stuck. 

we left and decided to pick up another Puzzle Cache (10 Easy Steps to a Cheap Vacation*) that was at a Geocacher’s house. I got nervous because I’ve never encountered one on someone’s porch before. I made Amroses go up there and she did not spot it. Then she rang the doorbell and told them we solved it, and we were looking for the cache. The people ended up being theFoods, and invited us in. They taught us so much about geocaching, events, traveling, challenges, and geocoins/path tags. They had a huge collection of geocoins that was just beautiful and outstanding. 

They mentioned that there was a Geocaching Event Cache close by, and after telling us more things they hurried us to the event. They even called someone at the event (cadrake) and said, “I’m sending some newbies your way. Look out for them!” 

We took a Geocoin from the TB Hotel at their house (which I will post pictures of tomorrow), and logged a TB on their car as we left. I also took a picture of Pongo TB (second picture) at their house to post.

As we were leaving I ended up not paying attention and falling. Busted my knee pretty badly on the concrete with some bad road rash. We patched up my knee, and we went to the Event. 

We got to the event and my anxiety sort of hint me, but Amroses said it would be okay and to let her do the talking at first. We got out of the car and there was a bunch of people there. We walked up, and she started talking and introducing us to a lot of them. Some of them even said, “Oh, yeah! I’ve seen your names! You’ve gotten a lot of FTF lately!” That was pretty cool coming from the mouths of big geocachers from the area. 

They showed us a bunch of their geocoins, and we got a lot of codes to log tomorrow. The coins were beautiful. We got a lot of advice about how to create a few swag items with our names on them as signatures in caches. Someone even had a trackable that was a dogtag on a chain with war medals on them. They were medals of a man who died during the war in 2007, and they’ve been traveling to people ever since. It was enough to really put chills down your spine. A few gave us pathtags of their usernames. 

It was just amazing meeting all of them. It was a really good day, and I cannot wait for next Thursday at Baskin Robbins for another event. 

Caches we got: 

"TB Hostel - 10 Steps to Find a Cheap Vacation" GC2C7VZ | Puzzle Cache
Cheap vacation = their home. Met TheFoods

"15th of August" GC4H9VV | Event Cache
First event. Met a lot of people, and got a few things to collect. 


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