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Cash. The kitten we found last night while geocaching. 
"A Lil Bit of H/C in the City." GC4JGVK | micro

I am a little bit under the weather, and so is Amroses. We quickly went out and got this to continue our streak in August going strong. 
We pulled up along the shoulder of the road and began our search. It did not take long to see it. We signed it and set off for home. 
"Kong "M“‘s Favorite Color is Blue" GC4H2M9 | Multi-cache

We actually started this day out with attempting at a puzzle cache we worked hard to solve. The first time we went to go get it, it was missing. We got word that it had been relocated, so we picked up a few more in the area. 
We heard back from the CO that it was up in the new area. We headed out pretty early for us, and decided to get the coordinates put into our phones and head off. We arrived and parked where we could and started into the brush for GZ. Our GPS’ kept throwing us everywhere, and the heat was really rising (especially in thick brush). There were also pretty big bugs, and I’m not a fan. After about an hour of looking and going between the AC of the car, and back into the brush, we called it quits until we got more information about it.
We instead decided to pick up a simple multi-cache within  walking distance since we were drenched in sweat. 
We are always a fan of JMCz’s caches. We even met him recently. 
I walked around a bit, and then zeroed onto the first cache. Moments later, we were standing above the final. 
We also picked up:
"RNSB on a Pit "M“‘s Favorite Color is Blue" GC4H8TH | regularCache behind rock wall. 
"Dog Collar "M“‘s Favorite Color is Blue" GC4H8TP | small On dog collar around tree. Amroses fought thorns for it. Stubborn she is. 
"Paw has A Heart "M“‘s Favorite Color is Blue" GC4H47T | Large (Letterbox)My first letterbox! These are pretty rare around here.
"Dog Gone End "M“‘s Favorite Color is Blue" GC4H47N | Ammo CanBulverde Humane Society


I love guiding people in other states to geocaches for the first time. Holy shit. 

This is exciting. Even though she’s got badass fucking places in her backyard basically. 

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31 Days of Geocaching. 1 down. :]

when I find out people are into geocaching as much as I am


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